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Budget Item Expands Labor Commissioner Authority

The California Chamber of Commerce and a coalition of employer groups is opposing a budget item that expands the Labor Commissioner’s authority and exposes employers to increased legal costs and penalties. Budget Item 0559 provides the Labor Commissioner’s office with significant enforcement authority that will expose employers to increased legal costs, penalties, evidentiary sanctions, shutting […]

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California Wage Theft Case Leads to Landmark Criminal Conviction

The California Labor Commissioner’s office has announced that a San Diego restaurant wage theft investigation resulted in the restaurant owner’s conviction and two years of jail time for grand theft and labor violations. It is the first criminal jury trial conviction in California for felony grand wage theft by false pretenses. In addition, the owner […]

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Misclassified Housecleaners Receive $50K Each in Back Pay

The California Labor Commissioner recently intervened on behalf of a group of housecleaners who were improperly classified as independent contractors and paid less than minimum wage with no overtime. The five housecleaners, who typically worked over 10 hours a day, will receive an average of $50,000 each in back pay. The investigation began last year […]

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Labor Commissioner Issues Opinion Letter on California Paid Sick Leave Question

The Labor Commissioner’s office recently issued an opinion letter regarding California’s new paid sick leave (PSL) law.  The opinion letter answers questions relating to how employers provide “24 hours or three days” of PSL when you have employees that don’t work a traditional 8 hour day schedule.  How does the law work, for instance, if […]

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California Employees Paid Less than $2 per Hour Results in $2.2 Million Wage Theft Fine

The California Labor Commissioner recently issued more than $2.2 million in citations against three residential care facilities in San Diego County for egregious wage theft violations after an investigation found that caregivers were working 24-hour shifts, six to seven days a week, for $1.25 to $1.80 per hour. The citations included minimum wage, overtime, meal […]

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