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How Scheduling Meetings in Advance Affects Reporting Time Pay in California

The employees of my store regularly work Monday through Friday. Every third Saturday of the month, I hold a staff meeting for all of my employees. I pay my employees for the actual length of the meeting, but last month the meeting ended 30 minutes early, and one of my employees claims I must pay […]

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Prepare to Spring Forward

Get ready for another round of . . . daylight saving time (DST)! This year, clocks will move forward an hour on Sunday, March 10. On Monday, employers and their employees might be sleepier or even grumpier, and could need more caffeine. Studies have also shown a significant increase in traffic accidents and an increased […]

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Supreme Court Reverses Equal Pay Case – Judges Cannot Adjudicate From Beyond the Grave

The U.S. Supreme Court has reversed a Ninth Circuit court case because the judge who wrote the opinion died before the opinion was issued and, therefore, his vote on the opinion could not be counted. In the now-reversed case, the Ninth Circuit had held that, under the federal Equal Pay Act, prior salary, whether alone […]

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Cases to Watch Update: Liability for Payroll Records

During our annual Employment Law Update seminar road trip, we discussed several “cases to watch” in 2019. For those of you who attended, we’ve got a case update on one of them! For those of you who missed it, an employee sued a former employer for unpaid wages under California’s Labor Code and also sued […]

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Reporting to Work: No Physical Presence Required

Last week, the Second District California Court of Appeal ruled that on-call employees are entitled to reporting time pay if they are required to contact the employer to see whether they must actually report to work (Ward v. Tilly’s Inc., CA2/3 B280151 2/4/19). This significant wage and hour case applies to employees governed by Wage […]

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