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Workplace Stress Doesn’t Take a Vacation

In the modern workplace, advancements in communications and technology are supposed to make things easier, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In a recent survey by wellness and technology neuroscience company Neuvana, 61 percent of respondents feel pressure to respond to emails outside of working hours — even during their vacation. And 82 percent […]

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California’s new Voter’s Choice Act allows approximately a month to cast a ballot, either by mail or at multiple ballot drop boxes in their county.

Voter’s Choice Act May Affect Voting Time Off Rules

My employee wants to take time off to vote in the California Primary Election on March 3. She says I have to pay her for the time. She is registered to vote in a county where all voting can be done by mail or at a drop off box. Do I need to give her […]

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Super Bowl Fever Sweeps Through Offices on Monday February 3

‘Super Bowl Fever’ Sweeps Through Workplaces

Look around at your co-workers today, because, on Monday, it’s very likely several of them won’t be at work. Yes, “Super Bowl Fever” will sweep through offices next Monday, February 3. An estimated 17.5 million workers plan to miss work that day, according to the 2020 Super Bowl Fever Survey commissioned by The Workforce Institute […]

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Small Company Eyes Medical Leave Policies for Employee Handbook

We are a small company of 30 employees. Are we required to have a medical leave policy in our employee handbook? Many different types of medical leaves, both federal and state, may apply to an employee based on company size. Pregnancy Disability Leave In California, the Pregnancy Disability Leave law applies to you since you […]

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Paying Employees for Holidays, Holiday Closures

If we close our worksite for a holiday, do we have to pay our employees for the day? The answer depends on the employer’s policies and whether the employee is exempt or nonexempt. Paid Holidays California law does not require an employer to provide paid holidays, close its worksites on holidays or grant time off […]

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