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CalChamber Podcast: Texting in the Workplace and Other Cautionary Employment Tales

In last week’s episode of The Workplace, CalChamber Executive Vice President and General Counsel Erika Frank and employment law attorney Jennifer Shaw discuss the implications of events highlighted in three recent news stories: The first recounts a company’s job announcement seeking “preferably Caucasian” candidates; the second involves an employer’s attempt to establish a no-touching workplace; […]

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New California Required Harassment Prevention Training FAQs White Paper

You’ve all heard the news that California employers with five or more employees located anywhere must now provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees — not just supervisors, as was the previous law. You’ve also heard that the training must be two hours in length for supervisors and one hour for all non-supervisory employees. And, you’re […]

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In-Depth and In-Person California Harassment Prevention Training

We all think we know what California law considers sexual harassment in the workplace — or do we? Gray areas of unlawful behavior can create problems, and in-person training allows group discussion and further clarification. Join the conversation in Pasadena on September 17, when CalChamber presents live and in-person California harassment prevention training. “This seminar […]

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LGBT Workers Report Bullying at Work

Two in five lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workers report feeling bullied at work, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Forty-one percent of LGBT workers who have been bullied at work left a job because of it. Common examples of workplace bullying given in the survey include: Falsely accused of mistakes (61 percent). Ignored […]

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Setting the Tone: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual harassment is not a problem of the past, as recent news reports highlight. Although most employers are well aware that sexual harassment is unlawful under both California and federal law, that doesn’t stop the problem from occurring. An issue that often surfaces during sexual harassment investigations is workplace culture. What tone is being set […]

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