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Firing an Employee With a ‘Bad Attitude’ in California

We would like to terminate an employee who has a bad attitude that rubs off on other employees. However, we haven’t given him any warning. Is it safe to let him go? Although California is at “at-will” state, meaning employment may be terminated by either the employer or employee on notice to the other, that […]

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“My Dog Ate My Work Schedule” and More Outlandish (But True) Excuses for Being Late to Work

It happens to the best of us: The alarm fails, the traffic is bad, the kids dawdle and we end up late for work. In fact, according to a new Career Builder Survey, one in four workers admit they are late at least once a month, and more than one in 10 are late every […]

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excuses for calling in sick

Friday Fun Day: This Year’s Craziest Excuses for Calling in Sick

Slightly more than a third of workers (35 percent) said they called in sick over the last 12 months when they were feeling just fine, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. That’s perhaps not the best news for employers, but, the good news is that it’s an improvement from last year, when 38 percent of […]

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More Outrageous Excuses for Being Late to Work

Some people have a hard time getting to work on time. A new survey from CareerBuilder asked employees how often they come in late to work: 1 in 4 workers (25 percent) admitted they do it at least once a month, and 13 percent say it’s a weekly occurrence for them. The survey also asked […]

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Managing Performance

Effective management includes putting your employees on notice when their behavior falls below company expectations. Regular communication is especially important when you are dealing with a poor performer; on-going communication allows the employee to know your expectations, avoids surprises, and gives the employee a chance to improve. Documentation of performance issues is an important part […]

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