Top HRWatchdog Blogs of 2023 Get Employers Ready for 2024

Top HRWatchdog Blogs of 2023 Get Employers Ready for 2024

Goodbye, 2023! For the first time in a long while, COVID-19 didn’t dominate headlines — in fact, two COVID-19 laws that have been in effect since 2020 will sunset at the end of 2023! From figuring out 2023’s new pay scale disclosure law in January to another U.S. Supreme Court arbitration agreement ruling mid-year to revised California criminal history regulations in October, 2023 had a little something for everyone. Perhaps it’s not too surprising then that the Top HRWatchdog blogs of 2023 mainly focus on preparing for 2024.

1. California’s 2024 Minimum Wage Increases to $16 Per Hour

On Monday, July 31, the California Department of Finance Director officially certified that beginning January 1, 2024, California’s minimum wage will increase from $15.50 per hour to $16 per hour for all employers, regardless of size.

2. New Employment Laws Starting in 2024

This year’s legislative session ended with a flurry and, as usual, hundreds of bills were sent to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk, many of which impact employment law. This blog takes a quick look at some of the new labor and employment laws that employers should be aware of beginning January 1, 2024, and beyond — including the two sunsetting COVID-19 laws.

3. New Laws California Employers Will Need to Follow in 2024

In this episode of The Workplace podcast, CalChamber Associate General Counsel Matthew Roberts and CalChamber Policy Advocate Ashley Hoffman review several new laws that will affect California employers in 2024: expansion of paid sick leave, reproductive-related bereavement leave and two bills dealing with cannabis use.

4. Private Employers Can Choose Whether to Observe/Pay for State Holidays

California will have three new state holidays in 2023: Juneteenth, the Lunar New Year and Genocide Remembrance Day. This blog answers the question: Are we required to give employees days off and pay them for these holidays?

5. 2024 Social Security, CA SDI Taxable Wage Base, Withholding Rates

Employers should know about these two new taxable wage base updates for 2024.

HRWatchdog will continue to blog about California and federal legislation, important court cases and agency actions affecting employment law in 2024. Have a happy New Year, and we’ll see you next year!

Katie Culliton, Editor, CalChamber

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