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Register Now for HR Boot Camp on May 2-3
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Register Now for HR Boot Camp on May 2-3

Do you know what the “ABC Test” is? Are you aware of what criminal history information is prohibited for job applicants? What about 2024 changes…

Attention on Deck: Register Now for HR Bootcamp
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Attention on Deck: Register Now for HR Boot Camp

An HR professional’s job is essential, challenging and stressful — but also can be rewarding. In the Golden State, keeping track of and administering California’s…

HR Professional Day 2023
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HR Professional Day 2023: Celebrating Those Who Manage, Maintain the HR Lifecycle

Since 1959, HR professionals have been honored on September 26 — known as Human Resource Professional Day — for their hard work and contributions to…

CalChamber’s HR Boot Camp Webinar Happening Next Week
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CalChamber’s HR Boot Camp Happening Next Week

Register now for the “HR Boot Camp!” Next Thursday and Friday, June 22 and June 23, CalChamber’s labor law experts will be explaining California’s complex…

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Reporting to HR, Workplace Surveillance and the Employer-Employee Relationship

With the rise in remote work over the last year and a half, a new trend has emerged: American workers are increasingly fearful of employer…

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New Reporting/Training Mandate for Businesses Employing Minors

How has the mandate to report suspected child abuse and neglect changed under Assembly Bill (AB) 1963? What are the new training requirements? Several new…