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California Wage Orders Updated

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) recently updated most of the Wage Orders to reflect the 2017 and 2018 increases in the state minimum wage. The updated Wage Orders include Wage Orders 1 through 13, 15 and 16. Wage Orders 14 and 17 have not been updated at this time. The correct industry Wage Order bears […]

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Piece-Rate Employees Back Pay Election Deadline of July 1

Over the past several years, California courts have been addressing the issue of compensating piece-rate workers for non-piece-rate time, such as rest breaks or other non-productive time that is not being spent producing a product or completing a task. Last year, California’s Legislature stepped in, passing a new law which specifically addresses the issue of […]

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Final Pay Penalties Are Not Wages for Federal Tax Purposes

Employers in California are subject to penalties under Labor Code section 203 if they fail to pay an employee who quits or is terminated in a timely manner. These penalties are referred to as waiting time penalties. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) just released a Chief Counsel Advice Memorandum which states that waiting time penalties […]

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California Work-Related Injury and Illness Rate is Lowest in 13 Years

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) released California’s 2014 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illness, showing work-related injuries remain at their lowest level since 2002. There were 460,000 reportable occupational injury and illness cases in 2014: 265,000 of those cases involved lost work-time (including job transfer and restriction from duty) and 140,000 cases involved days […]

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DIR Announces Temporary Total Disability Rates for 2016

California’s Department of Industrial Relations announced at the end of June that the temporary total disability rates for 2015 will increase on January 1, 2016: The minimum temporary total disability (TTD) rate will increase to $169.26 (from $165.49); and The maximum TTD rate will increase to $1,128.43 per week (from $1,103.29 per week). California Labor […]

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