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AB 664 and AB 196, however, go beyond a mere presumption and conclusively determine that any exposure or contraction of a communicable disease, is a workplace injury.
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Job Killer Bills Dramatically Increase Workers’ Compensation Costs

Two California Chamber of Commerce-opposed job killer bills that will substantially increase workers’ compensation costs by establishing a “conclusive presumption” of workplace injury for contraction of COVID-19…

The DIR has now provided some guidance, in the form of questions and answers, on the implementation of California’s new worker’s compensation executive order.
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New Workers’ Compensation and COVID-19 Guidance

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) has posted a Question and Answer page clarifying certain aspects of Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order N-62-20, which…

Governor Newsom’s new executive order providing workers’ compensation benefits for workers who contract COVID-19 during the stay-at-home order is retroactive to March 19, 2020.
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Workers’ Compensation Benefits Extended for COVID-19

Yesterday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Executive Order N-62-20,  extending workers’ compensation benefits to employees who contract COVID-19 while working outside of their homes during California’s…

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Is Not Optional

The California Labor Commissioner’s Office reminds employers that they must maintain valid workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all workers, including part-time employees. Employers should also…

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Workers’ Comp Ruling: Genetic Causes Including Inherited Predispositions May Be Apportioned

The 3rd District Court of Appeal recently decided a case that helps define how factors outside the workplace are to be treated when apportioning the…

CalChamber-Opposed Bill Threatens California Companies with More Penalties and Litigation
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CalChamber-Opposed Bill Threatens California Companies with More Penalties and Litigation

A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed bill that exposes businesses to high penalties and litigation by expanding the scope of prohibited non-compete agreements is expected to…

Licensed Physicians Rates
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New 2024 Computer Professionals, Licensed Physicians Rates

California’s Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) announced 2024 rates (effective January 1, 2024) for the computer software employee exemption and the licensed physicians and surgeons…

Remote Workers Moving Out of State, School-Related Leaves
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Remote Workers Moving Out of State, School-Related Leaves a Top Concern for Employers Calling the CalChamber Labor Law Helpline

In this episode of The Workplace podcast, CalChamber employment law experts Matthew Roberts and Ellen Savage discuss some of the latest labor and employment issues…

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PAGA Plaintiffs Keep Standing for Representative Claims After Individual Claims Compelled to Arbitration

On July 17, 2023, the California Supreme Court issued a significant ruling around the Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 (PAGA), which authorizes “an aggrieved…

Protect Workers From Heat Illness During High Heat
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Protect Workers From Heat Illness During High Heat

As high temperatures hit California — reaching triple digits in some locations — employers must take steps to protect outdoor workers from heat illness by…