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Capitol Insider Blog — Get the App for the Latest Insights

With just a few weeks remaining in the current session of the California Legislature, one way for readers to stay up-to-date on legislative activities is the Capitol Insider blog presented by the California Chamber of Commerce. CalChamber launched the blog this year to provide insights from CalChamber policy advocates and experts on issues under consideration […]

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CalChamber HR Symposium in San Francisco to Feature DFEH Director

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) leads the charge in regulating and enforcing the state laws to protect Californians from unlawful discrimination in employment. The 2018 CalChamber HR Symposium is your rare opportunity to hear from the DFEH director, Kevin Kish, regarding trends and enforcement priorities, upcoming regulations and updates on new legislation. […]

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Recap at Summer Break: Employment Bills Remain

A review of action on major employment-related legislation for business before the Legislature began its summer recess on July 6 shows both good and disappointing outcomes for the employer community. On the plus side was the passage of a CalChamber-sponsored job creator that enables businesses to avoid hiring repeat sexual harassment offenders. AB 2770 (Irwin; […]

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Manners Make an Employee

You spend up to 40 hours a week (and maybe more) with your co-workers so workplace etiquette, an unofficial code of conduct, can affect both your work environment and professional life. Minding your workplace manners can be tricky though as workplace cultures differ as do the opinions of your managers and fellow co-workers. According to […]

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Three Employment-Related Job Killer Bills Pass to Second House

Last Friday was the deadline for bills to pass the house in which they were introduced. Only five job killer bills subject to the first house deadline have passed to the second house. A bill dealing with wage statement penalties was stopped on the Assembly Floor. These three employment-related job killer bills have advanced to […]

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