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New California Employment Laws Affecting Businesses in 2017 and Beyond

CalChamber’s employment law counsel wrapped up their analysis of the significant pieces of employment-related legislation that Governor Brown signed into law. The 2017 legislative session produced new laws that will affect California employers’ day-to-day operations and policies in 2017 and beyond.  Some new laws made significant changes while others new laws made small changes to […]

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Governor Acts on Employment-Related Bills

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. has now signed or vetoed employment-related legislation passed by the California Legislature in 2016. This year, the governor’s deadline for signing bills was September 30. Governor Brown did not act on many of the bills until the final day of the deadline. As usual, labor matters were among the hardest […]

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2016 Midyear Employment Law Update

It’s already been a busy 2016 for employers, with lots of action from the California Legislature, federal and state agencies, local governments and our courts. CalChamber’s free 2016 Midyear Employment Law Update white paper recaps some of the more significant developments to date in these areas: Wage and Hour Discrimination and Harassment Disability Related Protections […]

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Halfway Through 2016

Time flies! We are halfway through 2016, and it’s already been a busy year for employers with more action on the horizon. The most read (so far this year) HRWatchdog posts reflect recent updates as well as major changes happening later this year. The top five HRWatchdog posts since January are: Pregnancy Disability Leave Amendments […]

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West Coast Bosses are Best

Does the West Coast Have the Best Bosses?

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, bosses in the western U.S. were graded higher on average than their counterparts in other parts of the country. Most employees (62 percent) grade their bosses’ performance as either an “A” or “B.” Western-based bosses were graded higher on average: 32 percent gave their bosses an “A” and 35 […]

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