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Late Payment of Wages
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Late Payment of Wages: Per Worker Penalty Escalates with 2nd Violation

Our payroll company had some issues a couple of weeks ago, and, as a result, we ended up paying our employees seven days after the…

San Francisco Collects $20.5 Million For Local Ordinance Violations
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San Francisco Collects $20.5 Million For Local Ordinance Violations

San Francisco’s Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) — the local agency that enforces San Francisco’s local employment laws — published their Annual Report for the…

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California Court Rules Good Faith Belief Avoids Waiting Time, Wage Statement Penalties

A California Court of Appeal recently ruled that an employer’s good faith belief that it was complying with state wage and hour laws precluded the…

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Final Wages to Fired Employee Should Include Reporting Time Pay

Late during the shift one afternoon, I discovered one of the employees had been stealing from the company. I immediately sent him home. When he…