Looking Behind and Ahead: “Top 8” Posts of 2018

See what blog posts were the most popular in 2018!
See what blog posts were the most popular in 2018!

Even though we are in mid-January, let’s take one last fond look back at 2018.

2018 was quite a year for employers with several new laws and regulations: an intern test, laws on using salary history in hiring decisions, national origin protections and many others.

Here are the “Top 8” blog stories of 2018 and how they may impact 2019.

1. 2018 IRS Mileage Rates Announced

Every year, the IRS updates the optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical and moving purposes. Make sure you have the new 2019 mileage rates!

2. Tax Reform Impact on Employers and Employees

We summarized some of the most important Tax Bill provisions impacting employers with respect to their employees.

3. 2018 Tax Withholding Information Is Here

The IRS released new 2018 withholding tables to reflect changes due to the tax reform legislation. Make sure you are using the new 2019 W-4 — Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate.

4. Governor Signs New California Employment Laws for 2019

We discuss some of the new laws that took effect January 2019. Make sure you know about the new 2019 labor laws affecting California employers. Download our free white paper (CalChamber members can download it here).

5. California Ranks as No. 2 ‘Judicial Hellhole’ in Nation Again

In 2017-18, California held the number two spot for having the “most unfair” civil litigation courts. Spoiler alert: We are back to number one!

6. ICE Raids and What California Employers Need to Know About New Laws

California employers need to be prepared for ICE raids and comply with the new Immigrant Worker Protection Act. Even though a court put part of the new law on ice, ICE worksite enforcement is on the rise — make sure to check your Forms I-9.

7. California Supreme Court Adopts New Independent Contractor Test

The California Supreme Court issued its much anticipated decision on which test should be applied when determining whether an individual is an employee or an independent contractor. In October, the California Court of Appeal confirmed the new test only applies for wage order violations and the long-standing (and more flexible) Borello test will continue to apply to any and all non-wage order claims.

8. California Supreme Court Issues Worker Friendly Overtime Ruling

The California Supreme Court ruled that an employer must calculate the regular rate of pay by dividing the employee’s total compensation by the number of non-overtime hours an employee worked during the pay period, rather than the total number of hours the employee worked, including overtime hours. However, the decision left employers with uncertainty.

Katie Culliton, Editor, CalChamber

Stay tuned in 2019! HRWatchdog will continue to post analysis of federal and California legislation, important court cases and agency actions affecting employment law.

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