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Pre-Order Your 2024 California and Federal Labor Law Posters
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Pre-Order Your 2024 California and Federal Labor Law Posters, Wage Orders, Pamphlets

Every California business is required to post 18 employment notices to ensure their employees are aware of their rights in the workplace. Starting January 1,…

No Mention of Appliances in Wage Orders Governing Working Conditions
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No Mention of Break Room Appliances in Wage Orders Governing Working Conditions

An employee is complaining about not having enough room in the break room refrigerator for their lunch. Just what is the employer supposed to provide…

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Dynamex is Retroactive: California Supreme Court’s Rejection of the Reasonable Reliance Exception Ignores Reality

As those who have been following AB 5 know well, in April 2018, the California Supreme Court issued a monumental decision related to independent contractor…

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How Scheduling Meetings in Advance Affects Reporting Time Pay in California

The employees of my store regularly work Monday through Friday. Every third Saturday of the month, I hold a staff meeting for all of my…

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Class Action Settlement Doesn’t Prevent Second Lawsuit: Employee Gets Another Bite of Apple

An employee, who was a member of a wage-and-hour class action settlement with her employer, is able to pursue a subsequent lawsuit against her employer…

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Independent Contractors’ ‘ABC Test’ Limited to Claims Arising Under a Wage Order

You may remember our previous blog post about the California Supreme Court’s rather groundbreaking decision about which test should be applied when determining whether an…

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New Law Provides Extremely Narrow Exception to California Rest Break Rules for Petroleum Facilities

Tis the season for new California laws, and yesterday Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing an extremely limited exception for required rest breaks in…

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California Wage Orders Updated

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) recently updated most of the Wage Orders to reflect the 2017 and 2018 increases in the state minimum wage. The…