28 Local Minimum Wage Rates Will Increase January 1, 2024

Local Minimum Wage Rates

Along with the new California state minimum wage rate of $16 per hour for all employers, regardless of size, and new computer professionals and licensed physicians rates beginning January 1, 2024 — and the new fast food and health care worker minimum wage rates beginning April 1, 2024, and June 1, 2024, respectively (see “Industry-Specific Laws” in our new employment laws for 2024 blog) — many California jurisdictions will be ringing in the new year by increasing their local minimum wage rates.

In jurisdictions without a local minimum wage ordinance or with a local wage rate that is lower than the California state minimum wage, the state minimum wage rate will apply.

2024 Local Minimum Wage Rate Increases

Listed alphabetically, these 28 local minimum wage rate increases go into effect on January 1, 2024:

  1. Belmont: $17.35/hour
  2. Burlingame: $17.03/hour
  3. Cupertino: $17.75/hour
  4. Daly City: $16.62/hour
  5. East Palo Alto: $17/hour
  6. El Cerrito: $17.92/hour
  7. Foster City: $17/hour
  8. Half Moon Bay: $17.01/hour
  9. Hayward: $16.90/hour for employers with 26 or more employees; $16/hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees (per state law)
  10. Los Altos: $17.75/hour
  11. Menlo Park: $16.70/hour
  12. Mountain View: $18.75/hour
  13. Novato: $16.86/hour for employers with 100 or more employees; $16.60/hour for employers with 26-99 employees; $16.04/hour for employers with 1-25 employees
  14. Oakland: $16.50/hour
  15. Palo Alto: $17.80/hour
  16. Petaluma: $17.45/hour
  17. Redwood City: $17.70/hour
  18. Richmond: $17.20/hour
  19. San Carlos: $16.87/hour
  20. San Diego (city): $16.85/hour
  21. San Jose: $17.55/hour
  22. San Mateo (city): $17.35 /hour
  23. San Mateo County: $17.06/hour
  24. Santa Clara: $17.75/hour
  25. Santa Rosa: $17.45/hour
  26. Sonoma (city): $17.60/hour for employers with 26 or more employees; $16.56/hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees
  27. South San Francisco: $17.25/hour
  28. Sunnyvale: $18.55/hour

Employers should confirm in which cities their employees work to determine if any minimum wage ordinances apply. Note: Eligibility rules may vary based on different locations.

As a reminder, the California state minimum wage rate — not local minimum wage — is used to determine the salary threshold for the administrative, executive and professional exemptions. Since the threshold is two times the statewide minimum wage, for 2024, you will need to ensure all exempt employees earn at least $66,560 per year (although both the new fast food worker and new health care worker minimum wage schedules include a change to the salary threshold to classify those workers as exempt).

Notice/Posting Requirements  

Each of the above local minimum wage ordinances have notice, posting and recordkeeping requirements, and employers failing to comply with them may be subject to fines, penalties or even civil action.

Employers with any employees working in any of the above cities should make sure they’re complying with the applicable ordinance, including displaying an updated poster in a conspicuous location at your business, such as a break room, and providing a physical copy to remote employees.

Jessica Mulholland, Managing Editor, CalChamber

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