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Employees Who Settle, Dismiss Individual Claims Can Still Bring PAGA Lawsuits

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court ruled that employees that settle and dismiss individual Labor Code violation claims against employers can still pursue a claim under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA), a statute that deputizes them to enforce violations on behalf of the state. Before the PAGA, only the state’s Labor Commissioner, not employees, could recover […]

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CalChamber’s New, Improved Harassment Prevention Training Course

Harassment prevention training is now mandatory for employers with five or more employees, but it doesn’t have to be boring or involve old, corny videos where the ‘90s fashion is more memorable than the scene. CalChamber’s online harassment prevention course has trained nearly 1 million employees and supervisors — and it’s recently been revamped and […]

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Certain employers must provide human trafficking awareness training.

Reminder: Human Trafficking Awareness Training Requirements

Mandatory employee training requirements have increased in the last few years. While mandatory harassment prevention training receives most of the attention, numerous other mandatory employee trainings are required under California law, including the lesser-known human trafficking awareness training. In 2018, to combat human trafficking, California started requiring human trafficking awareness training with varying dates of […]

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The employer is authorized to request reasonable medical documentation to confirm the existence of the disability and the need for a reasonable accommodation, when the need is not obvious.

Requiring a Doctor’s Note to Confirm a Disability

One of my employees who has been with the company for a few years (and who was about to get written up for failing to complete projects in a timely manner) came to me and said she needed more time to complete her work because she’s dyslexic. I asked her to provide me a doctor’s […]

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March 19 Webinar Tackles Tough Decisions

Performance issues. Misconduct. Excessively absent or late to work. Reasons for disciplining and terminating employees run the gamut — but blindsiding employees by firing them can create serious issues for employers given California’s strong legal protections for employees. Believe it or not, specific statutes limit your right to simply terminate a problem employee. And when […]

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