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September Webinar on Avoiding Meal and Rest Break Violations

California sets its own strict rules when it comes to meal and rest breaks. But it’s up to employers to inform employees that they’re entitled to both a meal break and paid rest breaks. Timing is everything because California employers must let employees take their meal break at the proper time. “It is important for […]

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HR Boot Camp Seminar

New to Human Resources or Want a Refresher?

Build your HR muscle at one of CalChamber’s upcoming HR Boot Camp seminars throughout Northern and Southern California. From hiring through termination, our employment law experts explain core fundamentals of the employment life cycle, in addition to discussing compliance requirements, policies and best practices. “We’ll be sure to address hot issues on everyone’s mind, such […]

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On-Call Rest Periods Are Not Allowed, California Supreme Court Rules

In a disappointing decision for California businesses, the California Supreme Court ruled today that on-call rest periods are not permissible. Today’s decision will require many California employers to re-examine their rest-break policies and practices. Supreme Court Ruling In Augustus, et al. v. ABM Security Services, Inc, the California Supreme Court reversed the 2nd District Court […]

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California Court Affirms Rest Break Timing Requirement

A California court recently affirmed that rest breaks in general cannot be combined (Rodriguez v. E.M.E., Inc., B264138 (4/22/16)). Relying on the California Supreme Court’s guidance in Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court, the appellate court held that “rest breaks in an eight hour shift should fall on either side of the meal break, absent factors […]

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Jury Awards Taco Bell Workers Nearly a Half a Million in Meal and Rest Pay

A federal jury recently awarded Taco Bell workers approximately $496,000 in a class action case that alleged meal and rest period violations. The company ended up in court because of problems with its policy on meal breaks and rest periods. Although the award was probably not everything the workers were looking for, the case demonstrates […]

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