CalChamber Podcast Rewind: What Not to Wear – To Work and Other California Employer Concerns

In case you missed it, check out this podcast for tips on enforcing your company’s dress code during the summer months. Already in control of your dress code? Other recent podcasts address vaccinations in the workplace, employment law proposals in the Capitol and disaster preparedness.

Employees Should Dress for What They Do

It’s summertime in California and that means flip flops, shorts, and tank tops. Unfortunately, when the weather heats up, employees can be tempted to show up for work wearing attire that seems more appropriate for the beach than the office.

In this 17-minute episode of The Workplace, CalChamber Executive Vice President and General Counsel Erika Frank is joined by employment law expert Jennifer Shaw to discuss what steps employers can take to ensure that employees are appropriately dressed and groomed for their work environment. The two share some humorous anecdotes about enforcing a dress code at work.

Overall, it is crucial for employees to consider wearing attire that is consistent with their work responsibilities.

Employment Law Update: What’s Moving and What’s Not

Find out which employment law proposals are continuing to make their way through the legislative process and which bills have been stopped for the time being. In this 14-minute episode, you can learn more about what is happening at the State Capitol that may impact employers.


Employers cannot require employees to get vaccinated, but what should employers do if a highly contagious disease spreads in the workplace? This 10-minute episode explains how employers can help their workforce stay healthy and how to notify their employees if an outbreak happens.

IT and Disaster Preparedness

Earthquakes, floods, fires and power outages have already happened throughout the state this year – and it’s only July! Find out how employers can prepare for all kinds of emergencies and what responsibilities they have in this 12- minute episode.

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