Updated Human Trafficking Notices Released

Make sure you post the updated notice!

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) recently released updated human trafficking notices for employers.

California law requires some businesses to post a human trafficking notice near the public entrance or another conspicuous location where the public and employees may view the notice.

The notice provides hotline and text numbers for the public and victims of human trafficking to seek help or report unlawful activity.

The notice must be at least 8.5 x 11 inches in size, written in a 16-point font and must be in English, Spanish and one other language that is the most widely spoken language in the county where the business is located and for which translation is mandated by the federal Voting Rights Act. The OAG has developed notices in 22 other languages, which are available on their website. For more information on human trafficking, visit OAG Human Trafficking.

CalChamber members and nonmembers can access the Human Trafficking Model Notice and Human Trafficking Model Notice – English and Spanish.

CalChamber members can read more on California Law Prohibiting Human Trafficking in the HR Library. Not a member? See what CalChamber can do for you.

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