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DOL Opinion: Using FMLA Leave to Attend Child’s Special Education Meetings

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued an opinion letter confirming that parents may take time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to attend individualized education program (IEP) meetings for children receiving special education. The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires schools to develop IEPs for children receiving special education services. […]

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Calculating Nondiscretionary Bonuses in Regular Rate of Pay

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued an opinion letter addressing the calculation of quarterly and annual nondiscretionary bonuses as part of the regular rate of pay. Specifically, whether an employer, under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement, may recalculate the regular rate of pay for each workweek of the bonus period by […]

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Labor Commissioner Issues Opinion Letter on California Paid Sick Leave Question

The Labor Commissioner’s office recently issued an opinion letter regarding California’s new paid sick leave (PSL) law.  The opinion letter answers questions relating to how employers provide “24 hours or three days” of PSL when you have employees that don’t work a traditional 8 hour day schedule.  How does the law work, for instance, if […]

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