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High-Heat Inspections Begin as California Temperatures Rise

Summer arrived in California this week as temperatures soared throughout most of the state. While this blistering heat affects everyone, it can be deadly to California’s outdoor workers in industries such as agricultural or construction. In response to triple-digit forecasts, Cal/OSHA will conduct high-heat inspections at outdoor worksites to ensure compliance with California’s heat illness […]

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Remember: Protect Outdoor Workers from Heat Illness

As temperatures start to rise across the state, Cal/OSHA reminds employers to protect outdoor workers from heat illness. Heat illness is a serious hazard for people who work outdoors. Heat illness occurs when the body’s temperature control system cannot maintain an acceptable temperature. Usually, the body cools itself by sweating. However, when high temperatures and […]

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Heat Illness Prevention in Indoor Workplaces

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) is in the process of developing regulations to prevent heat illness in indoor workplaces. A California Chamber of Commerce-led coalition has submitted written comments and oral testimony at each step of the process encouraging Cal/OSHA to establish rational policies that are not unnecessarily burdensome on employers […]

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Reminder: New Heat Illness Amendments Effective Today

New heat illness regulations are effective May 1, 2015. The Office of Administrative Law approved changes to California’s heat illness prevention regulations and granted the Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board’s request for an accelerated effective date of May 1, in time for this year’s growing season and warmer summer weather. The changes include several […]

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Heat Illness Coalition Wants Employer Comments​​​​ ​​

​A growing coalition led by the California Chamber of Commerce continues to seek employer comments on how proposed changes to the state’s unique heat illness prevention rules will affect employers of outdoor workers. ​The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHSB) opened the rulemaking process on the proposed changes to the heat illness prevention regulation. […]

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