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Paid Sick Leave: Remember Local Ordinances in Six Cities

Employers in six California cities must consider paid sick leave requirements established by local ordinances in addition to the state paid sick leave law that marked its one-year anniversary on July 1. All six cities also have their own minimum wage ordinance. When state and local paid sick leave laws conflict, employers should follow the […]

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Some Local Minimum Wage Increases to Take Effect July 1

Although the next increase in the California minimum wage is still six months away, a number of local minimum wage hikes took effect on July 1, 2016.

Employers need to prepare for the minimum wage increase and examine other pay practices that might be affected by the increase. […]


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Sacramento Passes Local Minimum Wage Ordinance

Last week, the Sacramento City Council passed a local minimum wage ordinance with the first increase scheduled for January 1, 2017. The proposed ordinance is not final until 30 days after it was passed to allow for a referendum period. Under the ordinance, the minimum wage in Sacramento will increase as follows: 2017:  $10.50/hour 2018:  […]

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