CalChamber Joins Launch of Wage Theft Education Campaign

The California Chamber of Commerce joined California Labor commissioner Julie A. Su and the California Labor Federation yesterday in announcing the start of a statewide, multilingual campaign to educate workers and employers about wage theft. Featuring the slogan “Wage Theft is a Crime,” the campaign illustrates how workers in low-wage industries — including agriculture, garment, […]

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Remove Your Job-Related Injuries Summary

Breaking news: Employers can actually take down a posting! April is coming to a close. It’s perfectly OK to remove the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (known as the Form 300A), which must be posted annually at your place of business from February 1 through April 30. Although the posting period is over, you […]

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“Job Killer” Bill Allows Employees to File Liens Against Employers

​A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed “job killer” bill that creates an unfair precedent in the wage-and-hour arena passed a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee today. AB 2416 (Stone; D-Scotts Valley) allows employees to file liens on an employer’s real or personal property, or property where work was performed, based upon alleged, yet unproven, wage […]

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Northwestern University Wins Review of Unionization Decision

In late March, HRWatchdog reported on a decision from a regional director of the National labor Relations Board (NLRB) that Northwestern University football players who received college scholarships are entitled to try to form a union because they are “employees” within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). But on April 24, 2014, […]

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Tech Industry No Poaching Case Settles

Four major tech companies, Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe, agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring not to poach each other’s employees. The trial was set to begin in a few weeks. Approximately 64,000 employees joined a class action lawsuit alleging that the four companies violated federal antitrust laws by entering into no-hire arrangements […]

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