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Employer-Friendly Ruling in Sexual Harassment and Franchisor Liability Case

Today, the California Supreme Court ruled in Patterson v. Domino’s Pizza, LLC that a franchisor can’t be held vicariously liable for unlawful conduct committed by a franchisee’s employee, where the franchisor exercises no control over the franchisee’s relevant day-to-day operations, such as hiring, supervising and disciplining employees. In reaching its conclusion, the court found that no […]

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NLRB Puts McDonalds In the Fryer for Franchisee Violations

Last week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Office of the General Counsel announced that it authorized complaints against 43 McDonald’s franchisees for violating employees’ rights during worker protests that occurred around the country demanding a “living wage.” But this was not the big news. The headline is that the NLRB also authorized complaints against […]

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