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San Francisco proposal would benefit both parents.

San Francisco Proposing Paid Parental Leave

San Francisco is frequently ahead of the nation in terms of employee protections, and a new proposal for paid parental leave is no exception to that trend. SFGate reports the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will soon be reviewing a proposal that would ensure that employees have fully paid time off to bond with their […]

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CalChamber Stops 16 Job Killer Bills; Two Employment-Related Job Killer Bills on Governor’s Desk

As the 2015 legislative session came to a close late Friday evening, 16 of 19 identified job killer bills had been effectively stopped through efforts of the California Chamber of Commerce, local chambers and the business community. In fact, in the last few days of session, strong opposition from these groups helped to stop three of […]

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Mid-Year HRCalifornia Update

Several laws signed last year will take effect on July 1, including the upcoming California minimum wage increase. On July 1, HRCalifornia will be updated to provide information on these new laws to CalChamber members. We will make the necessary updates to the HR Library, forms, quizzes, wizards and other HRCalifornia tools. The website will be fully […]

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Mandatory Poster and Pamphlet Changes Take Effect July 1, 2014

California and federal laws require employers to post and hand out the most current employment notices, even if you only have one employee in California. Not informing employees of their rights in the workplace can result in costly lawsuits and fines. Be ready to meet these mandatory July 1 compliance requirements in time: Post a […]

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