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Popular HR Boot Camp Just Added in Santa Rosa

CalChamber’s sold-out May and June HR Boot Camps in Sacramento and Santa Clara resulted in scores of requests for another Northern California event. Due to high demand, we’ve added Santa Rosa to our seminar roster. From hiring through termination, learn core fundamentals of the employment life cycle and build your decision-making confidence at HR Boot […]

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“Job Killer” Bill Allows Employees to File Liens Against Employers

​A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed “job killer” bill that creates an unfair precedent in the wage-and-hour arena passed a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee today. AB 2416 (Stone; D-Scotts Valley) allows employees to file liens on an employer’s real or personal property, or property where work was performed, based upon alleged, yet unproven, wage […]

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Take a 90-Minute Break for Brinker Updates

In 2012, the Brinker decision by the California Supreme Court settled long-standing questions about employer obligations for meal and rest breaks. In reality, employers are still getting sued two years later. Join CalChamber’s employment law experts for a reality check on meal and rest break requirements in California. The 90-minute webinar clears up any confusion […]

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