Four Employment-related Job Killer Bills Remain Active

four employment related job killer bills
See for the full list of job killer bills.

Friday, June 2, was the deadline for bills to pass the house in which they were introduced. The following four employment-related job killer bills moved on to the second house:

  • AB 1209 (Gonzalez Fletcher; D-San Diego) — Mandates that California employers collect data on the mean and median salaries paid to men and women under the same job title or description without also considering any bona fide reason for differences in compensation. This bill could expose California employers to costly litigation for alleged wage disparity where no violation of the equal pay law exists. To Senate.
  • SB 63 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) — Unduly burdens and increases costs of small employers with as few as 20 employees by requiring 12 weeks of protected employee leave for child bonding and exposes them to the threat of costly litigation. To Assembly.
  • SB 562 (Lara; D-Bell Gardens) — Creates a new single-payer government-run, multibillion-dollar health care system financed by an unspecified and undeveloped “revenue plan” which could penalize responsible employers and individuals and could result in significant new taxes on all Californians and California businesses. To Assembly.
  • SB 33 (Dodd; D-Napa) — Affects arbitration agreements contained in consumer contracts for goods or services with a financial institution, as broadly defined. To Assembly.

See for the full list of job killer bills.

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