New White Paper Highlights 2017 Laws Affecting Small Businesses

If you own or manage a small business in California, you should be aware of new mandates for 2017 that could affect your personnel practices.

affecting small businesses
Small employers in California often don’t have the luxury of a dedicated HR department.

Employers need to be aware of significant changes in key areas, such as the state minimum wage. Other new laws make small changes to different parts of existing law or may relate only to specific industries.

CalChamber’s free white paper covers 10 of the significant new laws and what they mean for small businesses, including information on:

  • Juvenile criminal history;
  • Payroll;
  • Form I-9 and other immigration-related protections;
  • Fair pay; and
  • Recreational marijuana.

The 10 New 2017 Laws Affecting California Small Businesses white paper is available for members and nonmembers to download.

For a full discussion of the new 2017 employment laws, nonmembers can download the An Overview of New 2017 Employment Laws Affecting California Employers white paper. Members can download the white paper from HRCalifornia.

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