Budget Item Expands Labor Commissioner Authority

The California Chamber of Commerce and a coalition of employer groups is opposing a budget item that expands the Labor Commissioner’s authority and exposes employers to increased legal costs and penalties.

ca budget item expands labor commissioner authority
Increases costs, penalties for employers

Budget Item 0559 provides the Labor Commissioner’s office with significant enforcement authority that will expose employers to increased legal costs, penalties, evidentiary sanctions, shutting down of their operations, and ultimately job loss.

The CalChamber and coalition also are concerned that many of the proposals in the budget item are policy changes that seem unrelated to the implementation of the budget and may ultimately increase costs for the Labor Commissioner.

As such, the proposals should be considered in stand-alone legislation by the relevant policy committees.

The budget item is scheduled to be considered March 21 in Assembly Budget Subcommittee 4.

For more information, visit CalChamber’s Top Story.

Staff Contact: Jennifer Barrera

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