DOL Settles Claims That It Failed to Pay Overtime to Its Employees

Aug 19 2016 - Overtime - HRWatchdog

DOL Failed to Pay Overtime

Make sure you are properly paying any overtime worked to employees!

The federal Department of Labor (DOL) is tasked with ensuring that the nation’s employers are following federal wage and hour laws under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

But the department is not immune from its own compliance troubles. The DOL has agreed to pay $7 million dollars to settle a decade old claim that it failed to properly pay its own employees, according to the American Federation of Government Employees.

Among the allegations brought by the union were claims that employees were forced to work overtime without being properly paid, including failure to pay for “off-the-clock” work. The settlement covers both current and former employees.

California’s wage and hour laws are even more complicated than federal laws. Wage and hour compensation issues remain some of the most active enforcement areas on both the state and federal level. Failure to comply with wage and hour laws results in lost wages to employees, lost tax revenues for government and high-risk legal exposure for employers.

Gail Cecchettini Whaley, CalChamber Employment Law Counsel/Content

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