March Madness Has Begun

Mar 21 2016 - Performance - HRWatchdog

Bracket2“March Madness”— the 78th annual NCAA basketball tournament — officially started on March 15 and 16 with the “First Four” games. Teams will play the “Sweet 16” round March 24 and 25, and the tournament will close with the championship game on April 4.

With more than 60 games played in three weeks, the tournament may distract your employees, especially on the West Coast where East Coast starting times encroach on normal work hours. The tournament is a big deal, and not just to the hyped-up students going to the games.

Thousands of alumni closely follow their college basketball team’s progression through the tournament. It’s a good bet that some of those people work for you.

This could raise some issues for employers:

  • Thanks to advances in technology, fans can stream tournament games on their computers or personal smart phones while they “work”.
  • Some fans may set up clandestine betting pools with co-workers.
  • All the time spent analyzing NCAA brackets and watching games could put a dent in workers’ productivity.
  • Good-natured trash-talking between co-workers when rival colleges face off could turn into heated arguments.

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Shane Peterson, Senior Editor

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