San Francisco Proposing Paid Parental Leave

Jan 13 2016 - Paid Family Leave - Gail Cecchettini Whaley

San Francisco proposal would benefit both parents.

San Francisco proposal would benefit both parents.

San Francisco is frequently ahead of the nation in terms of employee protections, and a new proposal for paid parental leave is no exception to that trend. SFGate reports the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will soon be reviewing a proposal that would ensure that employees have fully paid time off to bond with their new babies.

According to the news report, the proposal would apply to San Francisco businesses employing at least 20 people. The proposal would supplement state paid family leave benefits which already provide partial wage replacement.

Current state law allows employees to seek partial wage replacement benefits for up to six weeks to bond with the employee’s new child, the child of a spouse or domestic partner or a child in connection with an adoption or foster care placement. This is called Paid Family Leave (PFL) which is not actually a leave of absence but is a state-sponsored partial wage replacement benefit.

An individual’s weekly PFL benefit amount is approximately 55 percent of their earnings up to the maximum weekly benefit amount. This wage replacement benefit is separate from the State Disability Insurance (SDI) a pregnant employee may receive for the time that she is disabled by her pregnancy.

Under the San Francisco proposal, covered businesses would pay the remaining 45 percent of salary that is not covered by state PFL.

The proposal will be introduced at the January 26 San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting.

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