Revised Double-Pay Holiday Bill Back for Assembly Vote

Jan 27 2016 - Compensation, Holiday Pay - HRWatchdog

A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed bill that requires double pay for work on Thanksgiving awaits action by the Assembly. A previous version of the bill failed to pass the Assembly last year.

California's Legislature is considering a double-pay holiday bill

California’s Legislature is considering a double-pay holiday bill.

CalChamber remains opposed to the amended version of AB 67 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego) because it unfairly targets two classifications of employers, increases their costs, and creates a competitive disadvantage by forcing them to recognize Thanksgiving as a “family holiday” and compensate all employees with double the regular rate of pay for work performed on that day.

Discriminates Against Two Classifications of Employers
The author of AB 67 has argued the bill is needed to compensate employees who are forced to give up their family time to work on Thanksgiving. The most recent amendments to AB 67 indicate otherwise.

AB 67 now targets only two industries — retail store and grocery store establishments — to force them to pay double the “regular rate” of pay on a “family holiday,” defined as Thanksgiving. Any other employer that opens on Thanksgiving can continue to pay its employees minimum wage.

This discriminatory treatment of only two classifications of employers demonstrates that AB 67 is intended to punish retail and grocery stores, rather than compensate employees for time away from their family on Thanksgiving, as the author has argued.

AB 67 is awaiting action on the Assembly Floor and is facing the January 31 deadline to pass to the Assembly. Contact your Assembly members and urge them to oppose AB 67.

Please visit CalChamber’s Advocacy page for a complete discussion of this legislation.

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