CalChamber Acts Against Overly Broad and Misguided Workplace Safety Proposals

Nov 23 2015 - Workplace Safety - HRWatchdog

A quiet legislative year on workplace safety issues still ended in a victory for the California Chamber of Commerce, which also kept busy leading employer opposition to misguided regulatory proposals.

The CalChamber-opposed legislation regarding Cal/OSHA safety variances, AB 578 (Low; D-Campbell), would have created uncertainty and potential delays for all employers seeking variances from safety standards by creating expansive new notification requirements from employers to individuals who are not employees of the employer and who may not be known to the employer, in order to solve a narrow concern with variance applications for elevators.

Although the CalChamber offered amendments, they were rejected by the author and sponsors of the bill, which was vetoed by the Governor.

Throughout the year, Cal/OSHA was very busy on the regulatory front. The CalChamber provided comments and participated in rulemaking processes on various proposals to create new or revise existing regulations. Two of the most significant rulemaking efforts are the Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention and the Cal/OSHA repeat violation citation criteria. For more information, visit CalChamber’s Top Story page.

For more information on CalChamber’s efforts on workplace safety and health rulemaking, contact CalChamber Policy Advocate Marti Fisher.

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