Job Killer Imposing New Liabilities on Governor’s Desk

Sep 11 2014 - Workers' Compensation - HRWatchdog

The California Chamber of Commerce is urging all businesses to send a letter to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. asking that he veto AB 1897, a “job killer” bill that imposes new liabilities on businesses.

“AB 1897 would expose virtually every employer in the state of California to liability and frivolous litigation for any wage and hour violations that a subcontractor may incur through negligence, through not understanding our complex labor laws in California,” CalChamber President and CEO Allan Zaremberg said in the latest CalChamber Capitol Report video.

This bill forces one company to essentially ensure the wage and hour obligations and workers’ compensation coverage for the employees of another. It will create a significant threat of litigation and liability for California employers who legitimately utilize contracted labor, which will ultimately result in fewer contracts for small, minority-owned businesses, as well as their employees.

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