CalChamber Joins Launch of Wage Theft Education Campaign

May 1 2014 - Compensation, Exempt/Nonexempt, Workplace Policies - HRWatchdog

The California Chamber of Commerce joined California Labor commissioner Julie A. Su and the California Labor Federation yesterday in announcing the start of a statewide, multilingual campaign to educate workers and employers about wage theft.

Featuring the slogan “Wage Theft is a Crime,” the campaign illustrates how workers in low-wage industries — including agriculture, garment, construction and hospitality — are affected by wage theft.

Campaign-specific websites in English and in Spanish provide details on how to identify and report wage theft, retaliation and other labor law violations.

At yesterday’s news conference, Su stated that the campaign also will target employers.

“Honest employers shouldn’t have to compete against wage theft violators,” Su said.

CalChamber Policy Advocate Jennifer Barrera agreed.

“Bad actors that operate in the underground economy not only hurt employees, but also law-abiding employers that are competing at an unfair disadvantage,” Barrera said at the news conference.

Visit CalChamber’s Daily Headlines page for the complete coverage of why the CalChamber is joining the campaign.

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