Unusual Office Pools

Mar 25 2014 - General - HRWatchdog

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament captures a lot of attention this time of year.

But a new CareerBuilder survey highlighted some of the more unusual, and in some cases inappropriate, office pools that workers said they participated in:

  1. Bet on who could raise the best-looking Chia Pet.
  2. Bet on when a co-worker would be fired.
  3. Bet on how long the boss’s marriage would last.
  4. Bet on how many times the boss would call a female direct report “girl” in one day.
  5. Bet on when a co-worker would change his shirt, which he wore for 11 consecutive days.
  6. Bet on how much time someone would get when convicted of a crime.
  7. Bet on how many electoral votes the presidential candidates would receive.
  8. Bet on how many times the plant manager coughed during a meeting (indicating a lie).
  9. Bet on the birth date of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s baby.
  10. Bet on how many pages were in a patient’s medical record chart.

When you read about these “unusual” pools, gambling in the workplace might be your top concern. But pay attention to the other red flags; some of these office pools cross the line into unprofessional behavior and highlight potential workplace problems.

The national survey was conducted online in late 2013, and included a representative sample of 3,008 full-time, private sector workers across industries and company sizes.

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