CalChamber Questions Need for Changes to State’s Heat Illness Prevention Standard

Mar 3 2014 - Health and Safety, Heat Illness, Workplace Policies - HRWatchdog

California Chamber of Commerce Policy Advocate Marti Fisher joined Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Cindy Pollard on her weekly broadcast, Strictly Business, this week to discuss proposed changes to California’s heat illness prevention standard.

“Any changes at all will make it harder for employers who have outdoor workers. At this time we’re not sure why it’s necessary to change the regulation now because it’s working well; we haven’t seen any proof or any data that support the need for any changes,” Fisher told Pollard.

California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) conducted two advisory meetings, one in 2013 and the second in early 2014, to hear public comments about whether changes to the heat illness standard are needed.

During the July 2013 meeting, Fisher stated that “employers are showing that they understand the rules more and more each year.”

Cal/OSHA’s own report showed similar findings, citing “steady progress” in increasing employer compliance with the heat illness prevention regulation. Citations are issued most frequently for shortcomings in the written heat illness prevention program or employee training, rather than providing water or access to water, according to information shared with the Cal/OSHA Advisory Committee on June 6, 2013.

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