New Year. New Laws. “New” HRCalifornia.

Jan 6 2014 - General - HRWatchdog

HRCalifornia’s team has been busily updating the HRCalifornia website with new content.

The new content addresses new legislation, regulations, court cases, agency actions and local ordinances that will affect employers’ day-to-day operations in 2014.

We added new content to approximately 200 pages in the HR Library, and made the necessary updates to forms, quizzes, wizards and other HRCalifornia tools. Look for flag icons on HR Library pages to quickly identify new content.

Another way to familiarize yourself with new requirements for 2014 is to download CalChamber’s free white paper (registration required).

Finally, don’t forget that some required employment posters have mandatory updates for 2014, including the California Minimum Wage Order (MW-2014) and the DFEH Discrimination and Harassment notice.

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