Assembly Committee Rejects Flex Work Schedule Bill

Jan 9 2014 - Alternative Workweek - HRWatchdog

​A California Chamber of Commerce-supported job creator bill that sought to eliminate the burdensome alternative workweek election process and allow the employee the opportunity to request a workweek schedule addressing the needs of both the employer and employee failed to pass the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee yesterday.

AB 907 would have allowed an employee to voluntarily request a flexible work schedule, with an opportunity to work four 10-hour workdays without the employer incurring overtime.

“We don’t live in a 9-to-5 world, which is why workers need flexible schedules to achieve work-life balance. It’s disappointing that the majority party would prefer to maintain the status quo rather than keep up with the changes in workplace needs,” said Assemblymember Conway.

California is one of only three states that require employers to pay daily overtime after eight hours of work and weekly overtime after 40 hours of work. Even the other two states that impose daily overtime requirements allow the employer and employee to essentially waive the daily eight-hour overtime requirement through a written agreement.

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