Assembly Committee to Consider CalChamber-Supported Flex Work Schedule Bill Today

Jan 8 2014 - Alternative Workweek - HRWatchdog

​A California Chamber of Commerce-supported job creator bill that allows an employee to voluntarily request a flexible work schedule, with an opportunity to work 4/10 hour workdays without the employer incurring overtime will be heard in the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee today.

AB 907 seeks to eliminate the burdensome alternative workweek election process and allow the employee the opportunity to request a four, ten-hour day workweek schedule that will address the needs of both the employer and employee.

California is one of only three states that requires employers to pay daily overtime after eight hours of work and weekly overtime after 40 hours of work. The other two states that impose daily overtime requirements allow the employer and employee to essentially waive the daily eight-hour overtime requirement through a written agreement.

California, however, requires employers to navigate through a multi-step process to have employees elect an alternative workweek schedule that once adopted must be “regularly” scheduled. This process is filled with potential traps for costly litigation, as one misstep may render the entire alternative workweek schedule invalid and leave the employer on the hook for claims of unpaid overtime wages.

Visit CalChamber for complete coverage of AB 907.

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