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Closed for Memorial Day? Paying Wages to Employees

If an employer is closed on a payday that falls on a holiday listed in the California Government Code, such as Memorial Day, the employer can pay wages on the next business day. Of course, paying the day before the holiday is acceptable, as well. Private employers are not required to provide time off for […]

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California Supreme Court Decides Important “One Day’s Rest in Seven” Questions

Under California law, employees are entitled to “one day’s rest in seven.” But what, exactly, does that mean? Today, the California Supreme Court answered three questions related to seventh day of work rules (Mendoza v. Nordstrom Inc., No. S224661 (May 8, 2017)). These questions are important for California employers and provide guidance for employers on […]

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70 Is the New 65: Is the Retirement Age Increasing?

Thirty percent of U.S. workers ages 60 and older don’t plan to retire until age 70 or older, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Another 20 percent don’t know if they will ever be able to retire. Financial reasons typically are the top reason workers are postponing retirement, as older workers try to ensure a […]

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CalChamber Releases 2017 Job Killer List

The California Chamber of Commerce yesterday released its annual list of job killer bills to call attention to the negative impact that 23 proposed measures would have on California’s job climate and economic recovery if they were to become law. Earlier this year, CalChamber identified several job killer bills that were moving through the legislative […]

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Transgender Regulations On the Move

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Council (FEHC) proposed amendments in 2016 to state Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) regulations to specifically address protections for transgender persons, including restroom-related protections. The amended regulations now go to the state Office of Administrative Law for approval. If approved, the likely effective date is July 1, 2017. The […]

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