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California Supreme Court: Protections for Unauthorized Workers Using False ID

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court issued a decision relating to legal protections for unauthorized workers. The case involved a lawsuit by Vicente Salas, who injured his back on the job and then sued his employer for failure to accommodate his disability under the Fair Employment and Housing Act and for retaliation after he filed a […]

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Multi-Agency Task Force Conducts Sweep Targeting Underground Economy

A multi-agency task force conducted a sweep across major metropolitan areas statewide, issuing more than 60 citations for various violations and six work stop-orders. The task force, focused on curbing California’s underground economy, contacted nearly 100 businesses as part of the sweep. The state has been cracking down on businesses which do not comply with […]

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DIR Announces Temporary Total Disability Rates for 2015

California’s Department of Industrial Relations announced this week that the temporary total disability rates for 2015 will increase on January 1, 2015: The minimum temporary total disability (TTD) rate will increase to $165.49 (from $161.19); and The maximum TTD rate will increase to $1,103.29 per week (from $1,074.64 per week). California Labor Code section 4453(a) […]

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“Job Killer” Bills Move to Next House​​​​

Three California Chamber of Commerce-opposed “job killer” bills passed their house of origin yesterday: AB 1522 — would mandate that all employers provide paid sick leave; AB 1897 — would make contracting entities liable for the contractor’s wage-and-hour violations; and SB 935 — would tie the minimum wage to inflation. Paid Sick Leave AB 1522 (Gonzalez; […]

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Beware of Wayward Cantaloupes

A former Los Angeles Unified School District Police officer was arrested for workers’ compensation fraud for inflating work-related injuries caused by a “wayward cantaloupe.”  While patrolling a school campus on his bicycle, the officer ran over the cantaloupe and lost control of his bicycle. He originally claimed that he injured his right knee, foot and […]

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