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Employment Related Job-Killer Bill to Governor

As the 2016 legislative session came to a close late Wednesday, 19 of 24 identified job killer bills had been effectively stopped through efforts of the California Chamber of Commerce, local chambers and the business community. While many job killer bills were stopped, one employment-related job killer already was signed and another is on the […]

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Job Killer Update: Assembly Passes Costly New Leave Mandate

Action Needed: Contact the Governor to Request a Veto Yesterday, the Assembly passed a job killer bill that will significantly harm small businesses in California who employ as few as 20 employees by requiring them to offer six weeks of protected leave for baby-bonding. This proposed mandate comes on top of the current requirement that employers with […]

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Leave Mandate Job Killer Bill Revived in Legislature

A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed job killer leave mandate that will significantly harm small employers in California with as few as 10 employees has been revived in the Legislature. SB 654 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) was gutted and amended on August 11, taking language from a previous job killer, SB 1166 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara), which imposed […]

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San Diego Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage

San Diego Makes Changes to City Sick Leave Requirement

As previously reported, San Diego voters approved a paid sick leave and minimum wage ordinance that became effective on July 11, 2016. Now, the city finalized an implementing ordinance, which takes effect on September 2, 2016. Among other things, the implementing ordinance: Designates an enforcement office and an enforcement official; Establishes a system to receive and […]

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Paid Sick Leave: Remember Local Ordinances in Six Cities

Employers in six California cities must consider paid sick leave requirements established by local ordinances in addition to the state paid sick leave law that marked its one-year anniversary on July 1. All six cities also have their own minimum wage ordinance. When state and local paid sick leave laws conflict, employers should follow the […]

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