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Sexual Harassment Investigations: A Timely Topic for February’s Live Webinar

This can’t be happening to your business. An employee informs you that she’s been sexually harassed by her supervisor over the past year. She also claims he’s retaliating against her for rebuffing his advances. Do you know exactly what to do the moment an employee alleges sexual harassment? As a California employer, you have a […]

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Nearly Three out of Four Sexual Harassment Victims Don’t Report It

The #MeToo movement has swept through the nation and raised awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace. Victims of Hollywood moguls, media influencers and government officials have come forward garnering a great deal of media attention. Yet, a new CareerBuilder survey shows that the vast majority (72 percent) of those who have been sexually harassed […]

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Rethinking the Holiday Office Party in Light of Harassment Scandals

Some companies may be rethinking their traditional office holiday party this year due to the spotlight on workplace harassment and the nearly daily allegations against individuals in high profile companies, Hollywood, the media and government. The office party has long been a potential powder keg. Add a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere to an open bar, […]

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LGBT Workers Report Bullying at Work

Two in five lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workers report feeling bullied at work, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Forty-one percent of LGBT workers who have been bullied at work left a job because of it. Common examples of workplace bullying given in the survey include: Falsely accused of mistakes (61 percent). Ignored […]

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Comments on Proposed National Origin Regulations Due by September 27

As reported earlier, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Council has proposed amendments to the state Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to specifically address national origin protections. The draft regulations discuss the type of acts that may constitute national origin discrimination (see Initial Statement of Reasons). The regulations also discuss prohibited immigration-related practices. California already […]

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