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Upcoming Live Webinar on New California Laws

California Employers: If you’re not up to date on new employer obligations for 2016, don’t miss CalChamber’s live webinar on January 29. Join our employment law experts for an insightful review of recent legislation, including changes to California’ gender wage equality laws and employee leave protections, enhanced enforcement powers for the Labor Commissioner and more. […]

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Sick Leave Continues to Cause Confusion

It’s January; time for the annual road trip up and down the state to talk with employers about California’s new laws at CalChamber’s Employment Law Updates seminars. Although the weather may differ between the north and south (this week it is rain in the north and sunshine in the south), one storm that all employers […]

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New Year, New Content

Welcome back to work! Yes, it’s 2016. To help you make a smooth transition to the new year, HR Watchdog wants you to know that HRCalifornia is fully updated with new compliance content on: California’s expanded Fair Pay Act. New piece rate legislation. Other 2015 employment laws and their impact on such topics as Pay & Scheduling, Leaves […]

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Paid Sick Leave Dominates HRWatchdog’s Top Posts of 2015

California businesses and HR professionals alike know it’s crucial to stay on top of ever-changing employment laws, trends and best practices. Information about changes to leaves of absence laws is crucial to the HR job, as demonstrated by the top blog posts from last year (based on page views). The number one post for 2015 […]

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HRUSA Launches in 12 States

In response to a wave of new employment laws facing businesses across the country, HRUSA, a division of the California Chamber of Commerce’s HRCalifornia, began doing business in twelve states last week providing critical federal and state-specific human resources compliance content for New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina […]

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