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CalChamber Joins Launch of Wage Theft Education Campaign

The California Chamber of Commerce joined California Labor commissioner Julie A. Su and the California Labor Federation yesterday in announcing the start of a statewide, multilingual campaign to educate workers and employers about wage theft. Featuring the slogan “Wage Theft is a Crime,” the campaign illustrates how workers in low-wage industries — including agriculture, garment, […]

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“Job Killer” Bill Allows Employees to File Liens Against Employers

​A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed “job killer” bill that creates an unfair precedent in the wage-and-hour arena passed a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee today. AB 2416 (Stone; D-Scotts Valley) allows employees to file liens on an employer’s real or personal property, or property where work was performed, based upon alleged, yet unproven, wage […]

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Maids Fired for Cooperating in Wage Theft Investigation; Company Hit with Fines

California’s Labor Commissioner Julie Su recently fined a maid service company $394,944 in unpaid wages and premiums to be paid back to affected workers, plus civil penalties. After a lengthy investigation, the Labor Commissioner determined that 18 employees were not paid for all hours of work and were not provided meal or rest periods. The […]

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San Francisco May Soon Vote on a $15 Minimum Wage

On Monday, labor activists filed papers to put a $15 minimum wage proposal before San Francisco voters. The Service Employees International Union, Local 1021, filed documents with the San Francisco Department of Elections to put the “Minimum Wage Act of 2014” on the ballot for the November 4, 2014, general election. The proposed ordinance would […]

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Presidential Action on Equal Pay Issues, Including Wage Transparency

President Obama declared today, April 8, 2014, as National Equal Pay Day. In his proclamation, the president cited statistics showing that a pay gap still exists between what American women earn as compared to American men. Today, President Obama took two actions to address pay discrimination and promote equal pay as a critical issue. The […]

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