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Is It Hot in Here?

The temperature outside is rising and so are tempers inside. Fifteen percent of workers have argued with their co-workers about office temperatures, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. In addition, nearly one in five workers (19 percent) have secretly changed the office temperature during the summer — 13 percent to make it cooler and six percent […]

Jun 15 2018 - Heat Illness - Katie Culliton Read More »

Summer Seasonal Hiring Expected to Increase

Forty-one percent of employers plan to hire seasonal workers for the summer and 88 percent expect to transition some of those summer hires into permanent roles, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Why are employers transitioning workers from seasonal to permanent? “Employers are grappling with a tough hiring environment, and summer workers are reaping the […]

Jun 13 2018 - Hiring - Jessica Mulholland Read More »

Several California Restaurants Fined Over $14.5 Million for Wage Theft

The California Labor Commissioner continues to crack down on wage theft violations. Generally, wage theft refers to infractions of the California Labor Code involving the payment of wages to workers. Seven Bay Area restaurants were recently ordered to pay a combined $10 million for wage theft violations, including failure to pay minimum wage, overtime and […]

Jun 12 2018 - Compensation, Minimum Wage, Overtime - Katie Culliton Read More »

EEOC Reconvenes Workplace Harassment Task Force

The #MeToo movement continues to focus on workplace sexual harassment, and, this week, a federal agency reconvened a task force on the same issue. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced they will reconvene their Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace. The Task Force was formed in January 2015 […]

Jun 8 2018 - Harassment - Katie Culliton Read More »

Local Ordinance Changes Coming July 1

Throughout California, local cities and counties continue to pass ordinances relating to minimum wage, paid sick leave, criminal background checks and more. On July 1, 2018, several local minimum wage rates will increase, and two new local ordinances will go into effect. Minimum Wage Increases The following cities and county will increase their minimum wage […]

Jun 7 2018 - Local Ordinances - Bianca Saad Read More »